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    The Farmington Land Trust, Inc. protects
    open space in the Town of Farmington through:
Canal Aqueduct parcel
Cowles parcel
Carey pasture
Carey parcel
Bancroft Memorial
Vernal pond treasures at
Bancroft Memorial
Clatter Valley
Stewarding at Clatter Valley
  • Acquisition of open space via outright gifts, conservation
    easements and other conservation options

  • Stewardship practices that restore biological diversity and
    promote wildlife habitat

  • Education of the public, government and business
    community about the importance of open space and our
    collective role in its protection

  • Advocacy at the local and state level for policies and
    actions that ensure the long-term protection of Farmington's
    natural resources.
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Map of Farmington
Land Trust Parcels
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Jack Emery
Jack Emery, a founder of the
Farmington Land Trust
Howard Coe
Howard Coe, a founder of the
Farmington Land Trust, Inc.
Dick Noyes
Dick Noyes, Executive Director
Farmington Land Trust, Inc.