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Town of Farmington Acquires 90.5 Acres of Ridgeline Open Space

 The Farmington Land Trust commends the Town on taking this important step to protect the natural beauty of our southern ridgeline!

​The ridgeline purchase is located in the southeastern corner of Farmington on Rattlesnake Mountain, and is part of more than 700 acres of contiguous woodland within the town, and adjoins several hundred additional wooded acres to the south in Plainville. The entire area within Farmington was identified in the 2008 Farmington Valley Biodiversity Project as a Primary Conservation Area, which is defined as an important site featuring a high diversity of habitat types. The purchased lots, 6A/B & 7, include woodland, traprock ridgeline, watercourse and wetlands habitats.  In addition, nearly 2/3rds of a mile of the Metacomet Trail, now the National New England Scenic Trail, passes through this area.  The two parcels are shown on the map below.
The town has applied for funding from the state of Connecticut Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program.  Funding is set at a maximum grant of 65% of the acquisition price of $1,050,040.  The State, however, has often capped grant awards at approximately $500,000 in the past.

Over the past 45 years, the FLT has worked closely with the Town to put in place and promote an active plan of conservation, which has resulted the the preservation of thousands acres of open space in Farmington.  Since 1997, these acquisitions have been funded through the Town Land Acquisition program, jointly developed by the FLT and the Town.  In support of this important ridgeline acquisition, the FLT worked with interested town residents to raise awareness of the current opportunity to purchase this parcel.  We extend our gratitude to the Town Land Acquisition Committee, chaired by Peter Mastrobattista; to Liz Dolphin, land acquisition consultant; and to the lead negotiator, Bill Wadsworth for their foresight and work in preserving this important part of Farmington - a treasure for future generations!

Read the FLT's letter filed with the town in support of the purchase.

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