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Help Us Care For The Land

Our Adopt-A-Parcel program was started in 2017 as a way for individuals and organizations to help us steward the open space we protect. These much needed funds allow us to maintain our trails and historic properties, keeping them accessible for all to enjoy.  

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 Adoption comes with added benefits, including signage on the site identifying you, your group or company as adopters, attribution at the FLT’s annual fundraisers as well as at FLT events held on the parcel. 


Five parcels have been adopted for three year terms with commitments extending through 2023: 


  • Heidi and Henry Maresh, Paul Yeomans and Reno Properties adopted the Boulder Brook Parcel.

  • Clatter Valley Road has been adopted by Clare Smith and Francie Brown Holmes. 

  • Lee Thomson adopted the Canal Aqueduct Parcel in honor of James Thomson who donated the parcel. 

  • Judith King and Stephen Gryc have adopted the Cowles Parcel.

Eligible Parcels

  • The Douglas Mount Handicapped Fishing Pier in Unionville.

  • The West District Nature Preserve / Wilcox-Bushley Homestead

  • Mountain Spring Nature Trail

We plan to include additional parcels in the program in the coming years. And, as the FLT acquires new properties the need for adoptions will increase. 

For more information or to discuss adoption contact our office: 860-674-8454 or

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