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Properties and Hikes

The Land Trust protects 300 acres on 67 parcels, rich in ecological diversity and the important history of Farmington. Our properties feature meadows, forests, vernal pools, rivers, and trap rock ridges.  Some hikes are an easy walk. Others include hard rock scrambles.  Stroll the Carey and Barney pastures, hike to Anderson Ridge or Will Warren’s Den, view the Farmington River at the Canal Aqueduct, walk the Cowles Parcel along the Pequabuck River where it meets the Farmington River all within a few miles and all in the lovely village of Farmington Connecticut. 

Hikes & Trails

Many of our largest and most significant properties have trails that can make the property accessible for hikes.

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Notable Properties

The crown jewels of the Farmington Land Trust.  These are the most well known or most environmentally important properties.  

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