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The Run-In Barn

You have reached the Run-In Barn, built in the early 20th century. It was designed to provide shelter during severe weather for cows and other farm animals. As its name suggests, cattle and other farm animals could quickly run in to the barn during bad weather without the need for farmhands to open or close its doors. Throughout its 100-year history, the barn has also housed the tools and equipment necessary for the care of what were the first Guernsey cows in the United States.


In 2008 the building was renovated by the Farmington Land Trust thanks to a grant from the Hartford Foundation of Public Giving. Bill Wadsworth served as the general contractor and as the heart and soul of the project. Helped by then-treasurer Maria Glickman and Joe Treggor, the team installed a new foundation and additional interior supports needed to maintain the structural integrity of the barn and ensure that it will remain standing for years to come.

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