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FLT Hosts Over 350 Second Graders from Farmington Public Schools!

The Farmington Land Trust recently welcomed over 350 second graders from the

Farmington Public School System for an immersive, eight-day educational program focused on the

critical role of pollinators. This enriching experience, provided free of charge to every student, was held at the newly opened Farmington Land Trust Headquarters and Wilcox-Bushley Homestead Environmental Education Center in Unionville.

Education stands as one of the four pillars of the Farmington Land Trust's mission. Hosting all second

graders from the Farmington Public Schools for this pollinator field trip epitomizes our vision. We extend

a heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Cate Grady-Benson, Executive Director of the Farmington Land Trust, stated, "One of the tenets of the

Farmington Land Trust's mission is to provide education to our community. We have been working with

the Farmington Public Schools for several years to provide outdoor classrooms on our preserved

properties. This year we were able to offer a field trip on the Wilcox-Bushley Homestead property to all

the second graders of Farmington about the importance of pollinators and the role of stewarding the land to ensure their survival. When the students were asked what their favorite part of the day was, we heard: The pollen relay race! Yoga! Art! Scavenger hunt! Everything! Our future Stewards of the Land. It was an amazing two weeks."

Elementary science curriculum specialist Tara Vazquez added, "This event was a brilliant blend of

education and hands-on activities, allowing our students to step into the roles of botanists and

entomologists, engage in a creative art project, practice yoga while observing nature, and participate in a pollinator relay race. One highlight was the nature hike, featuring a pollinator scavenger hunt conducted in Spanish. The Farmington Land Trust volunteers were exceptionally generous with their time and expertise, making the day both educational and enjoyable. Our students gained a deeper understanding of the pollination process and the vital role pollinators play in our ecosystem. They also learned valuable lessons about stewardship and how they can contribute to protecting our natural world. We are immensely grateful for this enriching experience and look forward to continuing the fantastic collaboration between the Farmington Land Trust and the Farmington Public Schools.”

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